Inherent to AGENSI PEKERJAAN SIVA A SDN BHD on carrying out its activities on fulfilling its client’s exact needs in every way possible, we have maintained a comprehensive and well-coordinated quality policy throughout our operational tiers to ensure quality in all activities we do. Quality policy designed to include all major activities. We carry out sourcing of human resource to meet client’s exact needs. AGENSI PEKERJAAN SIVA A SDN BHD has embraced such quality system that works for better delivery to all at the same time.





With one of the largest network both for sourcing of human resource, client and business affiliates across the globe, AGENSI PEKERJAAN SIVA A SDN BHD presence in the international human resource scene is significantly important. Always keeping you in top priority and contributing to each other’s business orientation, we should be the perfect partner to work with. Of course, with our name together we see a newer horizon and visualize us doing businesses for many years to come.




As a partner for your human resource needs, we see this alliance to be strategically very important. We make it a point to understand that you, a business holder, have your business activities to run, juggling various tasks at a time. It’s also a situation where you many wished for a partner who would understand your needs and deliver on them. That’s where we come in.


Take us on your side and we will let you perform core business activities to advice the growth beyond expectation. We will always be there to prepare you with all groundwork needed and let you do the core part with full concentration. We once again emphasize that we will service you with the strategic partnering and help you achieve more.